Honored Guests at Spring Symposium

Safe America Foundation Welcomes the Governor and First Lady of Puerto Rico to Atlanta in April

Safe America Hosts Puerto Rico’s Governor & First Lady At Spring Symposium

Atlanta, GA – The Safe America Foundation is pleased to announce that the Governor and First Lady of Puerto Rico, Ricardo and Beatriz Rossello, will be attending SafeAmerica’s WorldSafe Spring Symposium on Thursday and Friday, April 26 and 27, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

The Spring Symposium – themed ‘Spring-into-Action!’ – will focus on 5 key topics that are challenging our nation – and the world. “Our goal is to look at issues like disaster recovery and determining ‘what’s next’ in terms of future recovery efforts,” noted CEO Len Pagano. “Our mission is educating people on health and safety issues to save lives,” Pagano noted. “And, with First Lady Rossello as our new Chair of the Capital Leadership Network, we’ll be filming more TV spots – and conducting more online webinars and training – to make sure millions of Americans are better prepared to deal with life’s tough issues like disasters plus active shooters, the opioid crisis, distracted drivers and human trafficking.”

Beatriz Rossello, Puerto Rico’s First Lady, has a passion to help humanity, which led the Safe America Foundation team to select her as our national ‘First Lady’ Chairperson of the Capitol Leadership Network,” said Pagano.

The First Spouses Campaign and Capitol Leadership Network are informational programs of the ‘BE Safe America’campaign. The initiatives involve First Families and elected leaders throughout the United States and its territories to participate and encourage emergency preparedness.

Other featured speakers include General Russel Honore,’ who headed the recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina; Jack Brewer, former NFL player, philanthropist and CNBC news contributor; Alon Stivi, CEO of GoWare Global; Dr. Kathleen Kiernan, CEO of Kiernan Holdings Group; Shayna Sacks, a Napoli Shkulnik LLP Partner who is fighting the Opioid Crisis nationally; and Patrick Betergna, CEO of GTX Corp which has invented a new ‘Smart Sole’ GPS-laced shoe product that can track and recover anyone who may have trouble with wandering away from home, such as individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. With over 100 attendees including 50+ speakers expected, the symposium will be one of the largest conference ever held by Safe America.

Many other relevant topics will be explored at the Spring Symposium, such as (1) updates on transportation safety; (2) new laws to prevent distracted driving; (3) ways to avoid the opioid crisis; (4) steps to increase your cyber safety; (5) helping veterans after deployment (6) fighting human trafficking.

A VIP Tour of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta will be given at the end of both days of the symposium.

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